Kystar HD LED Video Processor HD TV1920x1200 @60Hz Led Video Wall Controller with Audio Port-U1A


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Product Description

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KYSTAR Technology is a hi-tech enterprise who is focusing on video and image processing field, and is engaged in R&D of relevant software and hardware products.

OEM/ODM service offer.

With audio portWith audio port

Function Description:

1,2 channel programming output channel, the most wide band of 1920 pixels, with a maximum load of 1200 pixels.

2, Support multiple high definition signal inputs.

3,Support brightness 0-255 adjustment,can save 5 scene modes.

4,With Audio Port.

5,Fade in/out switch between arbitrary signals.Seamless switching via RS232 control or push buttons on the unit ensures zero delay, no picture loss and abosolute synchronization during the transitions.

6,Support PC software control including RS232, Web Interface control supported.Easy to install and use, simply plug and play. This unit can be configured using Rs232 or front panel buttons to set the desired output source.

7,Offline scheduled task supported.2pcs LED sending cards built-in ability(sending cards not included).


Q1:Please briefly describe the connection of graphics card, video processor, sending card, receiving card and LED screen.

A: The DVI (VGA) output port of the graphics card is connected to DVI-IN (VGA-IN) input of the video processor, DVI-OUT output of the video processor is connected to the sending card, the sending card is connected to the terminal receiving card in the back of the screen through the network cable, the receiving card is connected to respective screen and the entire large screen by cascading.

Q2: How many sending cards can be installed to the video processor? Why sending cards can be installed with no PCI slot inside the processor?

A: Up to two sending cards can be installed.

PCI slots in the computer are used to supply power for the sending card rather than video signal transmission, while the video processor provides 5V power via four-pin cable, and thus it is possible to install sending card.

Q3:What’re the reasons for the connection failure of serial port of the processor software? What’s the mark of proper connection?

A: The command transmission cable, i.e. the serial cable, should be connected to control the video processor with the computer. Connection failure may be caused by the following conditions. 1) COM port selection error; simply click OK and then click the “Open serial port” button; 2) Serial port is occupied; do not open two or more software windows at the same time; 3)Serial cable is not connected or cable is damaged; 4) COM driver of motherboard is damaged or serial port is damaged.


step 1step 1

step 2step 2

step 3step 3


Set Up: 1,“Large Screen Parameters” are the actual pixels of the LED screen, which are 1920*1080 by default.

1) Adjust with the knob (CCW: -; CW: +), use indicator to change the step length;

2) Enter with keys’ number directly to change.

2,To select input source, press the Source button on the front panel directly.

3,In this interface, you can select whether to capture part image of the input source and display on the large LED screen.

“part display” usuallydisplays the LED studio in full screen, and can switch to desktop panoramic display at any time.

4,The last step is to save the settings, of which “Mode 1” is the mode called automatically after starting.

The processor setup completes. In the process of use, use the front panel to switch the signal directly. If “part display” is needed, click “PART”to switch the current signal source between part and panorama.

If more than one mode is saved, use “MODE” to call different modes.

Easy to set up,operating by front panel independently,Plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation.Set the size of the input as well as output pixels,using the processor the LED screen has a far improved image,much higher brightness
Reduce the noise effectively for image processing.Fade in/out naturally for perfect switch,ensures zero delay, no picture loss and abosolute synchronization during the transition
2pcs LED sending cards built-in ability(sending cards not included)
With Audio port.Support PC software control including RS232, Web Interface control supported


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